• Tava vā mama vā sadānusaraṇāt namanān mananāt prasanna-cittaḥ bhagavan vāñchitam akhilaṃ datvā kiṃ te bhūyaḥ priyam iti hasati

    Your Lord or mine, it does not matter
    With a quiet mind, meditate with humility
    The Lord, pleased, gives what you seek
    and happily offers more.

  • प्रयत्नशैथिल्यानन्तसमापत्तिभ्याम् ॥ Prayatna-śaithilyānanta-samāpattibhyām

    Make the asana practice effortless, focusing for the breath and surrender to the divine.

    Yoga Sutra of Patanjali 2 / 47

  • नास्ति मायासमो पाशो नास्ति योगात्परं बलम । नास्ति ज्ञानात्परो बन्धुर्नाहंकारात्परो रिपुः ॥ nāsti māyāsamaḥ pāśo nāsti yogāt paraṃ balam nāsti jñānat paro bandhur nāhaṃkārāt paro ripuḥ

    There is no bondage like illusion,
    There is no power stronger than yoga,
    There is no friend better than knowledge,
    And there is no worse enemy than ego.

  • We should never forget to carry the divine light of yogic knowledge, which has been passed down to us with the vedic culture, and keep it’s flame alight for all eternity

    Yoga Mala (first page mantra)

Petri Rähjä Räisänen

Petri Räisänen (born August 13, 1967) is internationally known and respected Ashtanga Yoga teacher.

Petri Räisänen (born August 13, 1967) is internationally known and respected Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Petri started practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 1989 and teaching in 1991. He is a devoted student of K. Pattabhi Jois, and was authorized to teach Astanga Yoga in 2001 by Guruji. Petri is careful to pass on his Guru’s exact teachings.

Petri is co-owner and director of Ashtanga Yoga Helsinki, one of the world’s largest Astanga Yoga Shalas, which he founded with his friend and colleague, Juva Javanainen, in 1997. K. Pattabhi Jois blessed the school to teach the traditional Astanga Yoga method.

Petri focuses on integrating healing and therapy with yoga, meeting student’s individual needs and guiding their progress. Petri’s yoga pose adjustments are gentle, effective, therapeutic and, according to some, almost magical, and originate (besides his own practice and teaching) from his past work as a traditional Finnish folk healer and naturopath. His friendly, relaxed behaviour and intuivite perception give an open, energetic and meditative atmosphere to his classes.

Wambui Njuguna

Wambui Njuguna (November 29th, 1980) was born in Kenya and moved to the United States in 1991.

Wambui Njuguna (November 29th, 1980) was born in Kenya and moved to the United States in 1991. She discovered the therapeutic benefits of Hatha Yoga in 1995 while studying modern dance at the North Carolina School of the Arts, and continued to practice yoga throughout college and graduate school, to complement the various forms of dance and martial arts she was involved in, such as capoeira, samba and Afro-Brazilian dance.

Wambui was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in 2008 while working as an English language instructor in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She credits her first teachers, Jeff and Harmony Lichty (Ashtanga Yoga Victoria) for starting her off on the spiritual path.

Wambui moved to Helsinki in 2009 and has been assisting Petri since then, both in Finland and internationally. She started teaching at the Ashtanga Yoga School of Helsinki in 2011 and is the editor for Petri’s primary series book ( April 2013, Yoga Words, London). She continues to assist Petri, both in Finland and internationally, following closely in the direct method of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

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