Koh Mak Retreat: January 4-24 2025

We welcome you to an inspirational retreat of transformative Ashtanga Yoga and self-discovery, taking place in the quiet surroundings of Koh Mak island, on the South-East coast of Thailand.

Ashtanga Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Thai Vegan-Vegetarian Meals, Thai Massage, Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling, Paddle boarding, Sun bathing…in a relaxed and warm environment.

Mornings include Mysore-style Ashtanga asana practice, guided beginner’s classes, and kid’s yoga (twice a week if there will be enough children). Afternoons are filled with thorough technical analysis, in-depth discussions and extra workshops. Pranayama, relaxation and meditation sessions are offered in the evenings.

The retreat is designed for yoga practitioners of all levels.

You will be guided safely by Petri Räisänen and well instructed assistants.

We are looking forward for seeing you in Koh Mak Retreat 2025.

Welcome to Koh Mak, Thailand!

Petri Räisänen

Two Options – Resident or Drop-In

The Yoga Shala is located at the Koh Mak Resort’s side right next to the Seavana Resort. Koh Mak Resort will be our residential resort in 2025 retreat.

The other option is to attend to the retreat as a Drop-In student and book your own accommodation. Then you can choose the classes from the Mysore style morning classes to Complete day program or Additional workshops. More info aboutDrop-In Yoga.

Registration and Payments

Resident students
In 2025 retreat the Yoga classes and accommodation (if you are staying at Koh Mak Resort) will be paid separately. The accommodation will be paid to Koh Mak Resort’s account (Petri will give the details) and Yoga and Additional workshop (except Thai massage course which will be paid in cash to the teacher Miss Nhong) will be paid to Petri’s company Maailmanparantaja Oy. Yoga can be paid also by cash before your first yoga class. Registrations for Petri ( Petri will give you the bank details.
You can book your own accommodation and pay Yoga Classes to Petri’s company Maailmanparantaja Oy account according your attendance or by cash before your first yoga class. A minimum of 3 days (3 classes) is required.
For all the information, registrations and payments email to Petri ( Check the availability with Petri for Yoga Classes/Retreat and for Koh Mak Resort accommodations. Petri is holding the accommodation list for Koh Mak Resort. You can first check with him the availability of the rooms + other needed information.

Available rooms for resident students (updated 24.7.2024)


Comfort Beach, Double Bed B-4week 3 (whole bungalow)

Comfort Beach, Double Bed B-5 – weeks 1-3 (whole bungalow)

Comfort Beach, Double Bed B-6 – week 1 (whole bungalow)

Comfort Beachfront, Twin bed B-8 – weeks 1-2 (whole bungalow)

Comfort Beachfront, Twin bed B-8 – week 3  (need a female roommate)

Comfort Beachfront, Twin bed B-11 – Booked

Comfort Beachfront, Twin bed B-12 – week 1 (whole bungalow)

Family Deluxe Up, Double Bed F-2 – Booked

Family Deluxe Down, Three Beds F-2 – Booked

The class description and schedule

Complete Yoga includes Yoga each morning from Sunday to Friday, as well as all the classes in our Complete schedule (check the schedule page). The classes below!

Mysore style morning Yoga is the self guided Ashtanga Yoga practice, where the students are following their own pace and needs. The teachers are adjusting gently the poses and giving their verbal advices if needed.

Beginners Yoga: We will offer two guided Ashtanga classes for beginners at the start of the week (on Sundays and Mondays) with Tara Narain. Beginners can then join in to the Mysore style (self-practice) classes on Tuesday. Friday is a guided primary series or half primary series class for all who wish to practice a led class.

Technical classes in the afternoons will be guided by Petri. We are talking and practicing the ashtanga vinyasa system according Pattabhi Jois’ teachings and Petri’s own views through his experience.

Pranayama class in the afternoons will be guided by Petri. We are practicing a light and beneficial breathing exercises which are suited for every practitioner.

Yoga discussions in the afternoons will be guided by Petri. This is mostly a Q/A class with technical subjects.

Buddhist meditation for healing and well being (first and third weeks) by Tamara Ashley

Introductory practices from the tantric vajrayana Buddhist tradition will be explored. Calm abiding and insight meditations will be offered, as well as visualisation-based meditations with a specific focus on healing physical, mental and emotional layers of the body and mind. Loving kindness, compassion and action in the world will be considered as integral to meditation practice. Sessions will balance concentration, somatic body-based exploration and relaxation. Meditations will be supported by lecture sessions in which there will be an outline of Buddhist thought, the stages of practice in meditation and opportunities for discussion on Buddhist ethics and responses to worldly situations, such as family and community life, ecological care and self-care.  Overall, we will explore the cultivation of a heart centred, body-based approach to meditation that supports your daily life, offers tools for relaxation and relief, healing and well-being. You are welcome to join all sessions or drop in.

Vipassana meditation (second week) by Ricardo Martin and Joy Phrombut

Ricardo and Joy went through a Vipassana Training that took over 7 years where they seat down with his teacher Khun Thanat Chindaporn,  assisting him and learning how to conduct Vipassana basic courses and retreats. Both of them got certified to teach Vipassana in May 2018 at the “ Inside Meditation Center of Wat Phradatu Sri Chomtong Voravihara” in Chiang Mai Thailand.

SaturdaysREST DAY! There is no yoga class on Saturday. You are invited to rest and integrate all the teachings from the previous week. Alternatively, you can volunteer your time with the Trash Hero program and help with island/beach clean up by picking up the trash.

Wednesdays  – TRIP DAY! We arrange a trip day during weeks 2,3 and 4. After the practice in the morning, you can join in on a day trip. Previous destinations have been to Koh Chiang waterfall and White Sand Beach, Koh Kood holy tree and waterfall, Buddhist monasteries and Beach resort ; Trat temple and shopping tour. You can also arrange your own program and join us in the evening for a yoga/spiritual film. The Trips has an extra payment according the number of the students.

Moondays – We will inform when the full and/or new moon lands during the retreat. You have the option to practice in the Mysore room or attend a Restorative yoga class.

Additional workshops

Petri Raisanen’s Energy Healing Workshop on the first week and Hands on Adjustments Workshop on the second and third weeks. 150€/each full week.

Miss Nhong’s Thai Massage/Healing workshop. Miss Nhong is a local Healer who has a great understanding about the body, energy and traditional Thai healing methods. There will be 5 minimum two hour classes (usually 2.5-3 hours) on the second week (Jan 13-18 Monday till Saturday). Most of the classes will be held at Miss Nhong’s Healing centre. Highly recommended if you are interested about healing, therapy and Thai tradition. 8000 Thai Bhat (to be paid to the teacher in cash). More info about the Additional workshops.

The Retreat Accommodation at Koh Mak Resort

The retreat accommodation will be at Koh Mak Resort (B-type and F-type). Koh Mak Resort has a swimming pool, sun bathing beds and restaurant. Yoga shala is located just next to the swimming pool and beach. Yoga students are allowed to use the resort’s pool and restaurant.

Information about the meals in 2025 retreat

At the 2025 Yoga Retreat the breakfast will be served at the Koh Mak Resort’s own restaurant. The Yoga Kitchen which has been set up for the retreat previous years won’t serve us in 2025.

We are serving a tea in the mornings and afternoons on the ground floor at the yoga shala free of charge.

Koh Mak Resort fees (without yoga and extra workshops)

Prices for the whole bungalow. If there will be two students in one room, the price will be 50% – 50%.

Will be booked through Petri and paid to the resort. The receipt of the payment will be sent to Petri, who will send them to the resorts.

– Extra person 500 THB/person/night(age 11 yrs+) , Children(5-10 yrs) 300 THB/chd/night

Information for families and non-yogi friends:

We can accommodate family members or friends who do not practice yoga only if we will have space at the resort. If the retreat is fully booked, the extra beds are available, meaning two members who practice yoga and one non-yogi on the extra bed. All our 10 bungalows/ houses are reserved for people who will be participating to the yoga program. The rooms are quite small for three adults, so if your more than two people, we recommend to check the other resort on the island. It will be easy to stay with non-yogi friends in the other resort and join to the Drop In yoga program at Koh Mak Resort. Then yoga can be paid as a separate payment in Drop In way (check prices for Drop in). Please let us know if you have non-yogi family member or friend who would like to stay with us.


Comfort Beachfront, Twin bed (B-type). B8, B11 and B12 = 3200THB/night/whole room

Wooden bungalows built in 2000 and re-modeled in 2015. Air conditioning, hot water, cable TV, minibar and refrigerator are included. Extra bed available for some rooms.

You can make a reservation for one bed (A or B) if you are traveling alone. We will find you a roommate if you don’t have someone in your mind who would attend for the retreat with you. In that case we will book the rooms for two female students or for two male students.

Located by the beach and about 50 meters from the swimming pool and Yoga shala – terrace with an excellent sea view!

Comfort Beach, Double Bed (B-type) B4, B5 & B6 = 3200THB/night/whole room

Built in 2006 and re-modeled in 2015. Air conditioning, hot water, cable TV, minibar and refrigerator are included. Suitable for couples or good friends. Extra bed available for some rooms.

Located by the beach and about 50-100 meters from the swimming pool and Yoga shala – terrace with an excellent sea view!

Family Deluxe Up (double bed) (F-type) F2 = 3400THB/night/whole room

Newish (2012), western-style two floor “family house” with hot water, cable TV, A/C, minibar and refrigerator are included. The same building has also a Downstairs unit which has its own entrance and privacy and it is booked separately.

Family Deluxe, Up has one king size bed and is suitable for couples or good friends. Big private terrace with sun- bathing chairs. Beautiful sea and front yard view with lots of light from the second floor windows and refreshing wind. It could nicely work as a honey moon suite : ) No extra bed available (if not a baby cot).

Family Deluxe houses are located about 20 meters from the swimming pool and 50 meters from the beach and Yoga shala. A great sea and front yard view and a new swimming pool just 20 meters away!

Yoga Prices

Yoga classes will be paid to Petri’s company Maailmanparantaja Oy account by bank transfer or by cash before attending to your first class.

Minimum attendance of one week (6 practice days per week) is requested. On the first week there will be 2 practice days (Thur-Fri). On the other weeks Sunday is the first practice day and Friday the last. On Fridays there will be Mysore or Led class option. Saturday is the day off.

Complete Yoga Program 60 €/day or 320€/week (6 x Yoga, 5 x afternoon and evening program).

Mysore Classes 35€ / class or 210€ / week 

Single Afternoon Class 15€/class.

Whole Afternoon Classes 25€ /day.< 

Discount for Thai Residents/Citizens and 3 week Yoga students

30% off from the Yoga classes for Thai adult citizens and 60% off for Thai children (5-12 years) citizens.

10% from the Yoga classes for the students who will join for whole 3 week Yoga program.

The discounts are only for the Yoga program and Extra workshops, not for the Thai Massage workshop or accommodation.

Mental Health Disclaimer

Yoga can be an effective and beneficial tool for reaching a more peaceful state of mind, managing stress better and getting physically well. Our workshops and retreats are designed for people with normal physical and mental conditions. If you are on medication, are currently taking (or have taken) therapy and/or counseling, or have any known mental condition(s) that would in any way hinder your participation in a workshop or retreat, please inform us, as well as your doctor/therapist before registering. We do not provide any specialist therapy or counseling at our workshops/retreats who would be able to help, should the need arise. If a student’s behaviour causes disruption for other workshop participants and the teachers,  he or she will be requested to stop participating in the workshop and to seek appropriate help. In such a situation, we do not offer refunds, but are available to provide any documents necessary for insurance claims.

Our Why:

We believe the practice of Yoga can heal the world, both on and off the mat. We believe Yoga contains the wisdom for both individual self- transformation and collective, societal progress. In this spirit, we are survivor-centric and survivor-oriented, and abuse, sexual assault, and discrimination will not be tolerated. We recognize our aspiration for our yoga spaces to feel welcoming and warm for anyone who wishes to take practice. We continually contemplate how we can make our yoga spaces safer, welcome and more accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, caste, sexual identity, class, age, nationality, immigrant status, disability etc. Our workshop follows safer space guidelines.