How To get there?

Faro airport is 125 km from Odeceixe and Lisbon airport 225 km. The easies way is to rent a small and inexpensive car from the Faro or Lisbon airport and drive to the Odeceixe village. Then you can explore easily the closest beaches, nature and villages.

From Lisbon:
There is a bus from Sete Rios, Lisbon ( for about 4 hours and 20€ to Odeceixe. Bus stop on the main road by the village where you will have few minutes walk to the Yoga Shala and Odeceixe village.

We’ve been taking Taxi (4km) to Sete Rios bus station from the front of the Lisbon airport. The trip cost about 15€. The bus ticket is better to buy from the company’s web site, as the ticket office at the bus station can have a long line. You can buy the ticket on line also just before your bus trip, if you are not sure which time you will make it to the bus station.

Metro to Sete Rios bus station is next to Terminal 1. If you are arriving or departing from Terminal 2, you can take a free airport shuttle from/to terminal 1. You can buy a metro ticket (about 2€) from the machine down from the metro station. First take the Red Line to S. Sebastião and then change to Blue Line and get off at Jardim Zoologico station (there is Lidl at the metro station where we buy snacks to the bus trip :). Walk up to the street level, cross the road (close where are the taxis) and walk the steps up to Sete Rios. The whole metro trip will take about 25-30 min.

Ordered taxi from the Lisbon airport to Odeceixe will cost about + 250€. Check for the lowest taxi rates.

From Faro:

From Faro airport there is a public transport to Odeceixe, but it will take longer than the bus trip from Lisbon. If you have time and if you want to stay in Lagos for a longer time, it is a good option. If you miss the bus, you might need to stay in Lagos over night..or take taxi to Odeceixe.

Here is the bus guidance..(thanks for Marie Bel)

There is a possibility to come by bus from Faro to Odeceixe. From Faro airport take bus 16 or 14 to the last stop in Faro where you have the connection to bus 57 to Lagos. Bus 57 from the Faro city center (the bus station is close to the Marina. 2 buses per day). In Lagos you will change (after 30 or 45minutes break) to bus 79 to Odeceixe. The bus will stop at Malhadais (up on the hill from Odeceixe) and at the Odeceixe village. You can buy tickets from the bus.

Ordered taxi from the Faro airport (which we have been using) cost about 130€ (with (or check the rates from and can be paid by credit card, which is not too bad rate if you are traveling with company. There are many other taxi companies to book a taxi online.

Local taxis in Odeceixe area:
Edgar Bicho +351 964 631 418
Luis Marrero +351 917 574 630
Lucas & Lucas +351 967 910 227
Silvia +351 939 780 396, +351 937 333 274
As there are not too many taxis around, it is good to book the taxi few days before your planned trip.