Drop In Students

If any questions please mail to Petri: praisanen@yahoo.com

Yoga Prices for Drop-In students

Drop-In classes to be paid to Petri’s and Wambui’s company account by bank transfer or by cash at the island before attending to the classes.

Minimum attendance of one week (6 practice days per week) is requested. On the first week there will be only 2 practice days (Thur-Fri). On the other weeks Sunday is the first practice day and Friday the last. On Fridays there will be Mysore or Led class option. Saturday is the day off.

The whole-day Basic Yoga Program (without meals) 50 € / day or 285€ / week (6 day per week program). First week 100€ / 2 days (Thur-Fri). 

Yoga each morning from Sunday to Friday, as well as all the classes in our Basic schedule (check the schedule page).

Only Mysore classes in the morning 35 € / class or 210€ / week 

Single afternoon classes 10 €/class or 20€ the whole afternoon/evening. 

For the Additional workshops check the Additional Workshop page

If any questions please mail to Petri: praisanen@yahoo.com


Meals are prepared by local chefs from mostly local, organic and gluten free ingredients. Three yummy vegan-vegetarian meals per day (buffet style) + afternoon snack. There will be free cooking class on Fridays (check the Schedule).

Prices for Meals for Drop-In students (will be paid to Koh Mak Resort by card or in cash before the meal)

If you are staying at the Koh Mak or Seavana Resorts, you can choose to pay the meals separately with your accommodation or not to include the meals to the accommodation price. 

The meals will be paid to Koh Mak Resort before the meal and you will get a receipt or bracelet to show that the meal is paid. You can pay for one or more meals at the same time.

If you do Drop-in classes and want to eat with us at Koh Mak Resort you will have several options..

The whole day meals are 950 THB / day or Breakfast 250 THB, Lunch 350 THB and Dinner 350 THB. 

Children 5-10 years 550 THB / full day or Breakfast 100 THB, Lunch 200 THB and Dinner 250 THB. 

Children 0-4 years has free meals. 

Accommodation at other Resorts for Drop In students

Koh Mak island offers a wealth of accommodation options to choose from. Seavana Resort and Koh Mak Resort are the official resorts for the retreat, but the island has about 40 other resorts, providing a wide range in terms of standards and prices. Please check our Drop In prices above. It is easy to get to the resort and Yoga shala from any of the resorts by bicycle, scooter, taxi or even by foot.

The island is relatively small and moving around is simple and pleasant, as there is almost no traffic and distances are short. We recommend using a scooter or bicycle if you are staying at other resorts (if not in Suchanaree, Happy Day Resort, Coco Cape, Good Time Resort or Thaidaho Vista Resort which are within 10-15 min walking distance). Bicycle rental fees are about 4-5€/day and a scooter is 8-9€/day. Renting for longer amounts of time, one gets a discount of 1-2€/day.

Please check www.kohmak.com, www.koh-mak.com, or www.kohmakguide.com. Information can also be found at www.agoda.com, www.booking.com and www.tripadvisor.com.

The lower-key places (7-8€/night) are probably not on the all resort guide lists. One of them, located along the most beautiful beach is Baan Ing Kao www.baaningkao.com. For staying in Baan Ing Kao you will need a scooter or bicycle. Walking distance to the Yoga shala is about 30 min. Next to Baan Ing Kao is Marey Beach Resort but with higher rates. Other about same standard as Baan Ing Kao is Islanda Hut and it is much closer (walking distance), but doesn’t have the same amazing views. A bit further you can find Pano Resort and Sea View Resort with about 20€/night.    

The most commonly used Resorts for Drop In students are the closest ones; Happy Day Resort, Coco Cape Resort, Good Time Resort, Thaidaho Vista Resort, Prompakdee Koh Mak Resort (old Suchanaree Resot), Ao Pong Resort, Baan Koh Mak, Islanda Hut and Sky Beach Resort.

It is good to book the resorts early as they get quickly fully booked. Better to call or email straight to the resorts to get the newest and cheapest deals. Through the dealers they are always more costly.

Other popular Resorts has been Koh Mak Ao Kao Resort (White Sand Beach), Green View Resort, Bamboo Hideaway Resort, Tay-la Time Resort, Islanda Resort, Joe’s Coener, Makathanee Resort and Monkey Island Resort. There is also Thai-style two floor houses available, which can accommodate many people. Check also Airbnb.com! Good luck for searching!

Best party places has become Reverside Resort and Banana Sunset Resort..if you want to avoid noise..or willing to meet some party people : )