Additional workshops

Info & Prices for Additional workshops

These workshops are optional and will be charged separately. They are not included in the Basic Yoga prices.

Additional workshops

In addition to the standard yoga program, we offer affordable and inspiring workshops each week. The workshops are designed for students of all levels.

These workshops are optional and will be charged separately. They are not included in the Basic Yoga prices. Please see Additional workshops for details.

Ashtanga Extra 50 € / week – Jan 6-19 and Jan 26-31, weeks 1, 2 and 4

Additional workshop for Måns Broo’s Upanisads and Yogic Culture on the first and second weeks and Marko Mikkila’s Yoga Sutras of Patanjali on the fourth week.

In Måns’ workshop, we will explore Yoga Philosophy as illustrated in the central texts, Upanisads. The focus will be on understanding the method of the text — how the philosophy fits into daily life — and on viewing Indian thought in terms of our Astanga practice — through Måns’ great skills as a story teller and Sanskrit scholar.

During the philosophical Upanisad studies, we will learn how to chant the Sanskrit mantras, thus entering into the mystical, non-intellectual plane of the texts. We will learn correct Sanskrit pronunciation and discuss the meaning and purpose of mantra in yoga. 

Furthermore, in the context of studying Yoga philosophy, we will discuss and familiarize ourselves with many basic terms and concepts which are not always explicitly mentioned in the text but are vital, nonetheless, for correct understanding. 

The course does not require any previous knowledge of the subjects. Bring your own Upanisad book with you (if you have one); any edition is OK, but better if it includes the Sanskrit text (Devanagari) with transliteration and translation. Måns’ suggesting to bring his favourite Upanisads translation by Patrick Olivelle.

In Marko’s workshop, we will study Patanjali’s view about Yoga Philosophy, especially the eight limbs or auxiliaries of yoga (ashtanga yoga) and look into the roots of ashtanga yoga system. We will chant the sutras, discuss about them through the first commentary as well as some recent scholarship on the text, topped with research about human mind and meditative practices. During the course we will look at the familiar topic from different points of view, and even challenge some of the common views! If we have time, we end every class with a meditative practice drawn from the text itself.
The course does not require any previous knowledge on the subject matter. Please bring any translation of Yoga Sutras with you (if you have one). If it includes the transliteration of the Sanskrit text, all the better for chanting! But the emphasis is on philosophy and understanding, and possibly discussion, less on chanting.

Ashtanga Plus 100 € / week – Jan 5 – 31, weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4

Ashtanga Plus workshops include both, Petri Raisanen’s Hands on Adjustments and Måns Broo’s Upanisads and Yogic Culture on the the first and second weeks. On the third week Petri’s Energy Healing Workshop and on the fourth week Petri’s Energy Healing Workshop and Marko’s Yoga Sutra workshop.

Petri’s Hands on Adjustments and Energy Healing Workshop are suitable for anyone with an interest in how the body, mind and energy are used when giving hands-on adjustments in the yoga poses and in the Finnish tradition of energy healing. We focus on observing and learning the language of the body, mind and energy while giving therapeutic adjustments, and to develop a deep and trusting connection with the students.

Hands on Adjustments – More than just a physical support

The main theme in this course is built on the idea that adjustments are more than just physical support for the yoga positions. The ideal yoga adjustment incorporates the aspects that make up the Ashtanga yoga tradition – along with a teacher’s knowledge and life- experience – combined with a therapeutic touch, healing treatment and the love of giving. This is the recipe to establishing long-term trust between the student and teacher while developing the practice naturally, as the body and mind slowly open up and obstacles are removed. Every adjustment will be safe and gentle, but at the same time deep and effective. Without an understanding of the body, psychology, posture technique, alignment, breath and movement of prana, it is not possible to accomplish a good adjustment.

In this course, we will primarily focus on poses in the first series of Ashtanga yoga. We will also cover the most important and utilized adjustments found in the second series. The poses, vinyasa, breathing and drishti follow in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, as it is taught in Mysore, India.

Students don’t need any previous adjustment or teaching experience to join in the workshop.

Energy Healing Workshop – opening the senses towards the prana (energy) and hidden states of mind

We will practice several energy-healing techniques in the Finnish tradition which Petri learned from master healers, Pentti Penttilä, Pentti Mäkelä and Raimo Holtti. The techniques come from the ancient Finnish healing tradition called Jäsenkorjaus (bone or limb setting) and is, in many parts, similar to osteopathy. Some of the techniques used in this tradition involve giving physical adjustments, energy healing, herbal healing, wet and dry cupping and healing with power words (similar with mantras). The workshop will cover mainly the energy healing part with few gentle physical adjustments for the feet and ankles.  

Petri started studying Energy healing in Kaustinen, Finland in 1986. In addition to teaching yoga, Petri worked as a folk healer and naturopath and ran a natural treatment business in Helsinki, Finland from 1991-1998.

The energy-healing techniques are based on sensing and locating the blocks in the flow of energy throughout the body. We approach the more subtle layer of the body, beyond the physical, and work on releasing energy blocks, using the most natural tools available: our mind, senses and the energy itself.

Students do not need any previous energy-healing experience or special skills to join in the workshop.

Miss Nhong’s Thai Massage/Healing workshop 8000 BHT – Jan 20-25, week 3.

Miss Nhong is a local Healer who has a great understanding about the body, energy and Thai traditional healing methods. She has cured many yogis’ pains and injuries. The workshop will be paid in cash to Miss Nhong. Please book the spot for the workshop by emailing for us (not to Miss Nhong).

If you need a receipt from Miss Nhong’s workshop, please ask her to write it for you.

Day trips and other activities

Day trips and other activities are optional and will be charged separately. Prices do not include flights, speedboats, airport transfers, travel insurance or our additional workshop programs.