“ Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public ”

Cornel West

There’s no doubt that we’re living in intense, difficult times. Not a day goes by when I don’t take refuge in my spiritual practices and teachings. I feel tremendous gratitude for them as they help me navigate these period of heightened uncertainty with equanimity and grace.

I’ve been drawn to meditating and calling for Green Tara, the only female Buddha in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon of deities. Green Tara is an energy being associated with swift compassion: immediate, intense, on the spot, direct compassion. In the artistic depictions of her, you’ll see her seated with her right foot extended, signifying her readiness to leap into action, ready to help.


Green Tara in Pauba Style (image sourced from internet search): Thangka Mandala

She’s evoked during times of crisis and danger. Green being the color of action and movement. Of doing. Not just of sitting and feeling.

We’ve been practicing yoga for times like these.

For us to take swift, compassionate action and embody our yogic principles and aspirations.

To respond as best we can to the ways the lock down exposes systemic injustices and inequities.

We’re all in this rough, choppy water together but some of us have life vests and sturdy vessels and so many others have driftwood or a leaky dingy.

And while we’re not fans of the saviorist model, until the corporate capitalist structure has been dismantled, this is the paradigm we’re still operating in.

In the past weeks, Wambui’s created the following initiatives to serve those most vulnerable and least protected as a result of the lock-down during the global pandemic:

  1. Raised 1,000 USD together with family members to support Caritas Kenya.
  2. Leading an ongoing donation-based loving kindness meditation (Instagram: @wellnesswithwambui) every Friday to raise money to help feed migrant laborers in Delhi.
  3. Started a money pool on PayPal to raise 2,000€ throughout the month of May to support different initiatives and organisations.

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