How to Pay

  1. Please Register for the retreat on our web site on the Registration page. Wait with your payment until we have been confirmed your registration and make sure that your room will be available. Then the room will be booked only when we will receive your full retreat payment. The Registration and Payment will be confirmed by email in next few days (as we don’t have the automatic confirmation system). Please let us know if you will need an invoice or receipt of the payment and we will mail it to you..or if you have any questions about the retreat.
  2. The full payment for Yoga + Accommodation + Meals will secure your spot for the retreat. Price example; 1 week on Double Big room =  870€ / person.
  3. The final payment is to be made in to two different accounts; Melderstein Herrgård’s account and Petri’s company Maailmanparantaja’s account.
  4. Accommodation + breakfast 357€ to Melderstein Herrgård’s account (or 51€/night, if you aren’t staying the full period). Cabin Habre (Small cabin) 301€ (or 43€/night). Your own Tent 105€ (or 15€/night).
  5. Please pay Yoga and other meals (which is the rest of the payment) to Petri Räisänen’s company Maailmanparantaja account.
  6. In case of cancellation before May 9 2018, full refund except for 150€ that is added to cover Melderstein’s and Petri’s management costs. Please send us your bank information for refund.
  7. After May 9th, deposit and final payment are not refunded in case of cancellation.
  8. Payments are made by money transfer.
  9. Please type only the reference number to the reference number field (not your name) if your bank allowed to do so. If you don’t have reference number field, you can type the reference number to the message field with your name, room standard and the length of your stay.

Petri Räisänen, Account details

Maailmanparantaja Oy / Raisanen Juha Petri
Vaylanrinne 5 A 1
FIN-00830 Helsinki

Bank: Nordea Bank Finland
Address: Satamakatu 5, 00020 Helsinki, Finland 00020 Helsinki, Finland
Phone number: +358 9 16 51
Fax: +358 9 163 20002

Account name: Maailmanparantaja Oy
Account no: Nordea 123730-139078
Reference no: ? Coming soon
Message: Your name (+reference number), room standard and how many days staying

IBAN Code: FI56 1237 3000 1390 78
Swift/BIC code: NDEAFIHH

Payments from USA (to Petri’s account):

JP Morgan Bank Chase Bank
NA, New York, USA
ABA Code = 021000021
PIC Code = CHASU33

For further credit,
Nordea Bank Finland PLC Helsinki Finland

ZIP = CHIPS UID 010204
IBAN = FI56 1237 3000 1390 78


Melderstein Herrgard, Account details

Bank: Swedbank
Address: Melderstein 127, 955 91 Råneå, Sweden
Clearing no: 8420-2
Account no: 134 501 717-0

For Swedish guest “bank giro” no: 5024-2205
Message: Yoga, your name, and how many days staying

IBAN Code: SE6980000842021345017170

We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the payments. Please do not hesitate to contact us.