The retreat is located at Melderstein Herrgård

(Melderstein Manor House) close to the town Råneå, in Norbotten County in Sweden. The nearest city is Luleå. Råneå is situated about 90 kilometers to the east from the Finnish border.

To get here, you need to get to Sweden or Finland first. The capital cities, Stockholm and Finland, has good connections by plane, train or bus to most countries and major airports around the globe.

By air

You can take a connecting flight directly from Stockholm or Helsinki to Luleå airport. The flight from Stockholm or Helsinki to Luleå takes just over an hour. For timetables and prices, please visit, or

From Luleå airport you can continue by the airport bus to Luleå (costs about 50 SEK and takes about 15 minutes), change buses and then continue to Råneå (costs about 50 SEK and takes 40 minutes). More info about the airport coaches can be found at and Länstrafiken’s website

If you are traveling from or through Helsinki, Finland, Tornio/Kemi airport or Luleå airport are the best choices. For timetables and prices, please visit

From Tornio/Kemi you can take bus or taxi to Haparanda (in Sweden), and then continue to Råneå by bus. Bus from Tornio to Råneå takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes, costs about 130 SEK. Please refer to and Länstrafiken’s website for more info.

By train

If you are in Sweden, you can take a train to Luleå and then continue by bus to Råneå. Trains are very reliable, clean and safe in Sweden — service is good and beds are comfortable. You will most certainly meet some very interesting people in the train too.

For train timetables, see Connex’s website

If you are in Finland, the train goes to Kemi, and continue from there by bus or taxi to Haparanda where you can take bus to Råneå. More information at (trains), (buses) and (buses).

By car

The highway network in Swedish Lapland is of high standard and accessibility is good. You can get directions in Swedish from Eniro’s website, search for “Melderstein”;

Car rental

Renting the car is not a bad idea. We’ve been using Swede Rent Luleå and it’s been working well. It is located close to Luleå airport and they can bring the car for you to the airport.

From Råneå to the resort

You can take a taxi from Råneå to Melderstein. The distance is about 10 kilometers. The taxi company is called Råneå Taxi and the number is +46 924 100 00. You can also call to Melderstein (+46 924 510 37 or +46 920 25 70 17) and ask if the brothers (Gunnar or Göran) will be around and take you to Melderstein.


When you arrive to Luleå or Råneå, you can book a taxi and have a comfortable ride to Melderstein. It is better to book the taxi in advance to make sure that it will be there when you arriving. Råneå taxi number is +46 924 100 00, Luleå taxi +46 920 100 00, Haparanda Taxi +46 922 105 00 and Kemi/Tornio (Finland) Taxi +358 200 680 00
You can try to negotiate for the price, but usually the prices are fixed. From Luleå to Melderstein it will be about 950 Swedish Kronor..from Råneå to Melderstein about 200 Kr.

Group trip from Luleå

If you will be in Luleå on Sunday afternoon around 1-2 pm, we will drive our rented van to Melderstein. There will be space for six people (cost 10 euros / person) in the van. If you will arrive later, it is possible that someone else will also arrive around the same time and you will be able to share a taxi. Please let us know if you need a drive and share a taxi. Please let us know if you need a drive and what time you will arrive.