About the rooms

There are 28 beds available, in 11 spacious shared bedrooms, all of them (except Bagarstugan, small cabin and single rooms) having their own toilet and shower. Half of them (comfortable) are in the main building (mansion), and the other half (standard) are in Annex, big cottage (Bagarstugan) and small cabin (Habre). Check out accommodation here.

Mansion, Comfortable stay 

The main building (built in 1740) has two bigger twin bed rooms (R2 and R3), five normal size twin bed rooms (R4-8), two single rooms (R1 and R9) and one conference room (R10) with four beds. Single rooms has toilet en suite, and the shower can be found just across the corridor or at the sauna.

Twin bed means two separate beds, but they can be moved together.

The mansion has a 18th century decoration and very beautiful rooms with nature views.

WE STILL HAVE FEW AVAILABLE ROOMS in comfort, normal size twin bed rooms
(R4, R5, R8)

ONLY ONE AVAILABLE BED in conference room (R10)

Annex, Bagarstugan and Habre (Cabin), Standard stay

These three houses are built in the 20th century. They follow the local Swedish country side architecture. Wooden house with red natural hand made paint.

Annex has left and right side. Both sides has three rooms. Five of them (R11-16) are twin bed rooms and R17 is a double bed room, which fits well for the couples.

Bagarstugan has two twin bed rooms with toilet and shower.

Hare (Cabin) has one room with twin beds. Shower and toilet are at the sand building about 30 meters walk away.

WE STILL HAVE FEW AVAILABLE ROOMS in twin bed rooms (R14, R15, R16)