Koh Mak 2021 - Registration

Important Note!!!

Please send your preregistration and questions straight to Petri’s email praisanen@yahoo.com. We haven’t get all the room lists from Koh Mak Resort and Seavana Resort, so we are not able to start the official Registration.

This Registration and payment information below is from 2021 retreat and is not valid for 2022 retreat.

How to Register and Pay

  • Please Register for the retreat on our web site on the Registration page. Wait with your payment until we have been confirmed your registration and make sure that your room will be available. Then the room will be booked only when we will receive your full retreat payment. The Registration and Payment will be confirmed by email in next few days (as we don’t have the automatic confirmation system). Please let us know if you will need an invoice or receipt of the payment and we will mail it to you..or if you have any questions about the retreat.
  • The full payment for Yoga + Accommodation + Meals (+ Group trip, extra workshops etc) will secure your spot for the retreat. Payment example; 1st and 2nd week on B-type double or twin bed accommodation with Basic Yoga program and Group trip = 590€ + 780€ + 65€ = 1435€
  • In case of cancellation the payment is not refundable after November 22nd 2020. Before November 22nd, a full refund (minus 100€ for management costs) is given. Please email your bank account number for the refund if needed.
  • Payments are made by bank transfer or other ways shown below). Add 6€ when you pay outside of Finland for bank transfer fee and pay your own bank fees from the payment method you are using.
  • Please type only the reference number to the reference number (1287) field if your bank allowed to do so. For the Message field write Koh Mak 2021, your name, the dates of your stay, room type and number, Additional workshops (yes or no) + Group trip (yes or no).
  • This retreat has VAT 0%.
  • The Retreat Info letter will be emailed to each participant about two weeks before the retreat starts.

Account details for money transfer:

Account name: Maailmanparantaja Oy (and if you need my name Juha Petri Raisanen)

Account IBAN number: FI56 1237 3000 1390 78

Swift code: NDEAFIHH

Address: Vaylanrinne 5 A 1, 00830 Helsinki, Finland


Name of the bank: Nordea Bank Finland

Address: Satamaradankatu 5, 00020 Helsinki, Finland
Fax : + 358 9 163 20002
Tel.: +358 9 16 51

Branch: Paasivuorenkatu 3, #5, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

PayPal to:


In PayPal payments there is a commission about 5-7% so could you please add that to your amount or make sure that you are paying the right amount.

Low cost international transfer:


Some students ts has been using this transfer and the commission is lower than in PayPal or normal bank transfer..especially if you are paying from the US or Asia.

Other way to pay from the USA:

JP Morgan Bank Chase Bank
NA, New York, USA
ABA Code = 021000021
PIC Code = CHASU33
For further credit
Nordea Bank Finland
PLC Helsinki Finland
ZIP = CHIPS UID 010204
IBAN = FI56 1237 3000 1390 78

Message: Koh Mak 2021, your name, dates, room number or drop-in, group trip (Yes or No), extra workshops (Yes or No)
To: Maailmanparantaja Oy / Juha Petri Raisanen
Address: Vaylanrinne 5 A 1
FIN-00830 Helsinki

We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the payments. Please do not hesitate to contact Petri or Wambui at praisanen@yahoo.com or phone +358 40 572 5113 (Petri) or +358 45 329 7055 (Wambui).