Please send your registration email and questions straight to Petri’s email

For registration Petri would need: Your name, practice dates, resident or drop-in program, payment method (bank transfer, cash, Wire etc) and extra workshops.

Registration and bookings

In 2024 retreat Yoga classes and Accommodations will be paid separately.

Yoga classes, Extra classes, Accommodations at Koh Mak Resort and Seavana Resort (“our resorts”) as well as Drop-in classes will all be booked by emailing to Petri ( and paid to Petri’s company or by cash before your first class. The bank details will be on the page soon.

For Drop-In students who will stay in another resorts..we have a Drop-in web page where you can find more information about the Drop-in Yoga classes and list of Other resorts in the island. Drop-In Yoga for minimum one week is required (6 practice days). More info about the Drop-In Yoga.

Yoga Prices

Yoga classes will be paid to Petri’s company Maailmanparantaja Oy account by bank transfer or by cash before attending to your first class.

Minimum attendance of one week (6 practice days per week) is requested. On the first week there will be 2 practice days (Thur-Fri). On the other weeks Sunday is the first practice day and Friday the last. On Fridays there will be Mysore or Led class option. Saturday is the day off.

Complete Yoga Program 50 € / day or 285€ / week (6 x Yoga, 5 x afternoon and evening program).

First Week Complete Yoga Program 100€ / 2 days (Thur-Fri). 

Mysore Classes 35€ / class or 210€ / week 

Single Afternoon Class 10€/class.

Whole Afternoon Classes 20€ /day. 

Discount for Thai Residents/Citizens and 3.5 week Yoga students

30% off from the Yoga classes for Thai adult citizens and 60% off for Thai children (5-12 years) citizens.

10% from the Yoga classes for the students who will join for whole 3.5 week Yoga program.

The discounts are only for the Yoga program, not for the Thai Massage workshop or accommodation.

About the registration:

  • Wait with your payment until Petri has been confirming your registration and make sure that your room or space in the shala will be available.
  • The Yoga payments will be confirmed by email some days after we have been receiving the payment because our busy schedule and many emails.
  • Please let us know if you will need an invoice or receipt for the payment and Petri will mail it to you..or if you have any questions about the retreat.
  • The full payment for Yoga (+ extra workshops etc) will secure your spot for the retreat. Payment example; Drop-in 1st and 2nd week for Complete Yoga program = 100€ + 285€ = 385€
  • In case of cancellation the Yoga payment is not refundable after November 28 2023. Before November 28 2023 full refund (minus 50€ for management costs) is given. Please email your bank account number for the refund if needed.
  • Payments are made mostly by bank transfer or by cash or through few other other ways (Wire etc). Add 6€ when you pay outside of Finland for bank transfer fee and pay your own bank fees from the payment method you are using.
  • For the Message field write Koh Mak 2024, your name, the dates of your stay, yoga classes (basic, drop in etc) room type and number (if you stay at Koh Mak resort or Seavana resort), additional workshops (yes or no).
  • The retreat has VAT 10% for yoga practice (Finland) and it is included in the yoga prices.
  • For the companies with European VAT code there is Reverse Charge, which means that Yoga VAT = 0%
  • Koh Mak Resort and Seavana Resort bungalows will be paid to Koh Mak Resort’s bank account (below). After the payment please send the receipt of the payment to Petri. Please pay your own bank expenses while making a payment.   
  • The Retreat Info letter will be emailed to each participant about one month before the retreat starts.

Account details for Yoga and additional workshops:

Company name: Maailmanparantaja Oy

Company address: Nokkoskuja 6 b, 01350 Vantaa, Finland

Contact person: Juha Petri Raisanen

IBAN account number: FI56 1237 3000 1390 78


Company/VAT code:  FI25762589


Bank info: Nordea Bank Abp Finland

Bank address: Aleksanterinkatu 36, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Account details for Koh Mak resort and Seavana resort: Payments in Thai THB

Company name and address: KOH MAK RESORT CO, LTD, 1M.2 K, Trat, Thailand

Account number: 6252160741







Low cost international transfer:

Some students ts has been using this transfer and the commission is lower than in PayPal or normal bank transfer..especially if you are paying from the US or Asia.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the payments. Please do not hesitate to contact Petri or Wambui at or phone +358 40 572 5113 (Petri) or +358 45 329 7055 (Wambui).