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Yoga Roots Odeceixe, Portugal, September 12-17 2023 Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa: Body, Mind and Spirit

September 16, 2023 - September 21, 2023

Yoga Roots Odeceixe, Portugal

September 12-17 2023

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Weeks

Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa: Body, Mind and Spirit

Odeceixe Beach in April 2023

Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa: Body, Mind and Spirit

Welcome to our new Yoga Shala in the peaceful and meditative atmosphere in Odeceixe!
Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Workshops with Petri Räisänen & Wambui Njuguna–Räisänen

Join Petri Räisänen and Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen for a one, two or three weeks (3 x 6 days or drop-in days) workshops at the Yoga Roots Odeceixe, Portugal. The shala is located in the middle of the picturesque and peaceful village on R. Estr. Nacional 1, 8670-320 Odeceixe, Portugal. You cannot miss it (Google maps).

Website for Odeceixe activities Odeceixe in Algarve, Portugal 

Costa Vicentina Natural Park, where the village is located, is one of Europe’s most stunning & untouched coastal regions.

Students of all levels are invited to explore and enjoy new depths in their practice under the guidance of Petri and Wambui and their incredible teachings.

We follow and respect the Ashtanga Vinyasa system as taught by T. Krishnamacharya and K. Pattabhi Jois, but are aware the harm their teaching method have caused.  

We center each individual practitioner and their unique needs and capabilities. We do not follow a dogmatic, ‘one size fits all’ approach to the Ashtanga method. Our aim is for healing, both the physical and spiritual; acceptance and freedom. We’re open to discussing your individual Ashtanga practice and find ways how the method can be customized for your needs. Please feel open to sharing anything with us which might affect your practice at the moment (i.e. injuries, childbirth, etc). 

Registration, payment and questions:

All registrations, questions and further info through praisanen@yahoo.com and/or info@wambuinjuguna.com

To secure your registration, please pay the workshop to the Yoga Roots Odeceixe bank account. The bank codes and information about the payments and payment options you will find from the end of this site.

Class options & Schedule

1.Full program

2.”Only” Morning practice

3.Morning practice with some of your chosen drop-in afternoon classes

4.Weekend program

5.Separate drop-in classes

We will have 1-2 batches of Mysore classes in the mornings and 1 batch for the afternoon workshops. When register for the workshop, please give your suggestions for your practice time.

Besides the yoga program, we will have dinners, beach hang-out time, surfing, nature walks and trips together (or as you wish), with bigger or smaller groups of students. There is a great opportunity to try surfing as there are surfing schools in every bigger beach in the area.

Mysore Style = self Led practice with Petri and Wambui’s experienced, sensitive and healing adjustments.Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings

Led Class = On Fridays guided full primary series class. The village is small and all the places inside the village are within 5 minutes of walk. If you are not doing the full Primary series, you can decide when you would like to stop your practice. We are flexible with the Ashtanga method.

NOTE: Some of the afternoon classes, especially Pranayamas can be held outdoors, if the weather will be suitable!









Yoga Roots Odeeixe shala                                        “Chai park” next to the Yoga Shala

THE SCHEDULE September 12-17


Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa: Body, Mind and Spirit

Tuesday 12th

Mysore Style: Starting Times: 06:00 Group 1 // 07:30 Group 2

11:00-12:00 Workshop opening with Petri and Wambui; What it Yoga Chikitsa and what does it mean for you in your life? (it can be nice to bring a pen and paper to this session)

Tea break

12:30-13:30 Meditation: Metta Meditation with Wambui

Wednesday 13th

Mysore Style: Starting Times: 06:00 Group 1 // 07:30 Group 2

11:00-12:00 Pranayama + Meditation with Petri: Comfortable, simple and easy pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditations.

Tea break

12:30-14:00 Back and Hip Therapy with Petri: Stretching and strengthening techniques for healing and protecting the back and hip.

Thursday 14th

Mysore Style: Starting Times: 06:00 Group 1 // 07:30 Group 2

Free afternoon

Friday 15th

Led Class: Starting time: 06:00 Group 1 // 08:00 Group 2 (if there will be more than one group)

10:00-12:00 Pranayama + Meditation with Wambui: Comfortable, simple and easy pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditations.

Tea break

12:30-14:00 Afternoon Workshop: Healing Samskaras on the Personal and Collective Levels (you are invited to bring a pen and paper with you)

Saturday 16th

Mysore Style: Starting Times: 06:00 Group 1 // 07:30 Group 2

11:00-12:00 Deep Rest + Yoga Nidra with Wambui

12:30-14:00 Meditative and mindful asana practice: Changing the attitude from physical exercise to the peaceful and mindful meditation.

Sunday 17th

Mysore Style: Starting Times: 06:00 Group 1 // 07:30 Group 2

10:30-11:30 Pranayama + Meditation with Petri: Comfortable, simple and easy pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditations.

Tea break

12:00-13:30 Legs and Upper Body Therapy with Petri: Strengthening the body through asanas and acrobatics

13:45-14:15 Workshop closing circle with Petri and Wambui



Yoga Shala Odeceixe:

The shala is located in the middle of the Odeceixe village on R. Estr. Nacional 1, 8670-320 Odeceixe, Portugal. You cannot miss it (Google maps)

We have all gender dressing rooms and toilet, but we recommend you come to the shala with your practice clothes on. There is no shower at the shala. As the village is very small, it is easy to walk to the shala wearing your practice clothes and take shower after the practice at your guest house or other type of accommodation.

Dressing rooms and tea stall

Yoga Shala Odeceixe has a wooden floor. Yoga mats and blocks are available. Anyhow we recommend bringing your own mats to keep good hygiene and make sure that you have a mat which you like.
Next to the yoga shala there is a mini market, bakery and our Chai park where you can sit under the local “holy” tree and sip your well deserved Chai tea. The village coffee shops and restaurants are just around the corner for the breakfast, hang outs and meals.


Petri and Wambui are offering treatments during the workshop. Wambui is giving Chavutti Thirumal (massage by foot press) treatments and Petri is giving a traditional Finnish Energy healing / bone setting treatments. Please let us know if you are interested and we can book a time.

Small Yoga Shop is coming soon..

Accommodation in Odeceixe:

The Ashtanga Yoga Intensive is a non residential Yoga course and students are asked to book their own accommodation. If you are staying around the shala close to Odeceixe village, you can easily walk or bicycle to the shala, shops, beach and restaurants.
You can choose from a great variety of accommodation..Airbnb houses and apartments, little cute motels, guesthouses and campsites (different budgets and needs). Praia de Odeceixe beach is 3 km from the Odeceixe village if someone want to stay at the little beach village. On the high season there is a sightseeing train moving between the village and beach every half hour.
If you are staying at the Odeceixe village, you will have maximum 5 minutes walk to the Yoga Shala from any location.

Here is a list of the lower budget (around 50€ / night) Guest houses. There are much more, but we are not yet familiar will all of them. All the Guest houses in the list are close to the Yoga Roots ODX shala. If you are having a car, you can easily book an accommodation from the other villages or closer to the sea or nature.  

1. Hostel Seixe (hostel 30 meters from the shala)

2. Casa da Vila (by Booking.com) or contact Catarina +351 919571809

3. Claudio Adela Odeceixe +34 964 84 96 18, +34 967 72 15 06 (private house with many bedrooms 50 meters from the shala)

4. Bohemian Antique Guesthouse 

5. Residencia do Parque

6. Hospedaria Firmino Bernardino

7. Casa Azul

8. Casa Antiga

9. Casa dos Pais

10. Casa de Hospices Celeste by Portugalferias

11. Horta do Vale – Natural House

12. Apartamentos Cavaco

13.Residencia do Parque

14. Residencia Laranjeira

15. Apartamento  Varandas Soalheiras

16. SulSeixe Guesthouse

17. For camping..Parque De Campismo São Miguel (about 2 km from Odeceixe)

Other interesting accommodations around Odeceixe

1. Aterra (a beautiful resort by the lake about 15km from Odeceixe)

Surroundings: Odeceixe-Praia de Odeceixe, Portugal

Odeceixe is a village and civil parish in the northern part of the municipality of Aljezur, in the Portuguese Algarve.

Odeceixe is a seaside town in Portugal’s Costa Vicentina region. Found within the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, this relatively undiscovered destination is a haven for surfers and nature lovers. It’s perhaps best known as a stop along the Rota Vicentina, a network of hiking trails offering sweeping coastal views and pastoral scenery through the Alentejo and Algarve regions of Portugal.

The beach of Praia de Odeceixe is a favorite of both surfers and families.  The Rio de Seixe meets the sea here, looping around to form a horseshoe-shaped beach and calm lagoon.
This lagoon is perfect for swimming and paddleboarding, while the strong waves of the main beach draw a crowd of surfers and sun-worshippers.

The beach is located 3 kilometers from the village of Odeceixe. You can park your car on the southern cliffs. If there is no space, you can park your car on the side of the road.
The area is unspoiled and the landscape surrounding the beach is stunning. On the northern side of the beach there are steep cliffs. On the west side of these cliffs is a big rock that looks like the fin of a shark. This rock is a landmark which makes it easy to recognize Praia de Odeceixe.

The closest towns on both sides of Odeceixe are Rogil (9km), Aljezur (15km) and Lagos (48km) on the South side and S. Teotónio (12km), Odemira (27km) and Vila Nova de Milfontes (42km) on the North side. Here you will find everything you need like bigger supermarkets, cafés & restaurants, bakeries, organic shops and a charming local farmers markets on the weekends.

If you like hiking there are some great walking trails nearby. You can also find part of the long-distance Rota Vicentina trail (https://rotavicentina.com/en/walking/). This route takes you to amazing places and stunning viewpoints.

Praia de Odeceixe is a great beach for surfing and bodyboarding. There are many waves on the ocean side and usually there are plenty of surfers in the water. The surf school based on Praia de Odeceixe can be found from here: https://odeceixesurfschool.com. There are classes for all skill levels, including beginners. If you don’t need classes but just need surf equipment or bodyboard, you can also rent them from for a fair price.
Other amazing beaches within 15-30 min drive away are Arrifana, Monte Clerigo and Amoreira beaches.

How To get there?
Faro airport is 125 km from Odeceixe and Lisbon airport 225 km. The easies way is to rent a small and inexpensive car from the Faro or Lisbon airport and drive to the Odeceixe village. Then you can explore easily the closest beaches, nature and villages.

From Lisbon:
There is a bus from Sete Rios, Lisbon (https://www.busbud.com/en) for about 4 hours and 19€ to Odeceixe (bus stop on the main road by the village where you will have few minutes walk to the Yoga Shala and Odeceixe village). We’ve been taking a taxi (4km) to Sete Rios bus station from the front of the Lisbon airport. The trip cost about 15€. The bus ticket is better to buy from the company’s web site, as the ticket office at the bus station can have a long line. You can buy the ticket on line also just before your bus trip, if you are not sure which time you will make it to the bus station.

Ordered taxi from the Lisbon airport to Odeceixe will cost about 250€. Check www.gettransfer.com for the lowest taxi rates.

From Faro:

From Faro airport there is a public transport to Odeceixe, but it is complicated and will take probably longer than the bus trip from Lisbon.

Bus from Faro airport to Odeceixe:

From the Faro airport take the line 14 or 16 to the last stop (Faro bus station).

From Faro bus station take a line 57 to Lagos (two busses a day).

Then change in Lagos bus stop to the line 79 to Odeceixe.

Ordered taxi from the Faro airport (which we have been using) cost about 120€ (with https://taxipinheiro.com) (or check the rates from www.gettransfer.com) and can be paid by credit card, which is not too bad rate if you are traveling with some friends. There are many other taxi companies to book a taxi online.

Local taxis in Odeceixe area:
Edgar Bicho +351 964 631 418
Luis Marrero +351 917 574 630
Lucas & Lucas +351 967 910 227
Silvia +351 939 780 396, +351 937 333 274
As there are not too many taxis around, it is good to book the taxi many days before your planned trip.

Physical Adjustments + Informed Consent:

While the assumption in the Mysore room is that people come for physical adjustments, we practice asking for permission before physically adjusting you. Consent is crucial and non-negotiable. If you’re happier not to be physically adjusted during your asana practice, we respect this choice as well. We will check in on a regular basis regarding consent to being physically adjusted. Some days you may want to be adjusted and other days not, and we welcome this. Feel free to be yourself and find your own way to practice Ashtanga. We are here to help you in your yoga process.

Our Big Why:
We believe the practice of yoga can heal the world, both on and off the mat. We also understand yoga to contain wisdom for both individual self- transformation and collective, societal progress. In this spirit, we are survivor-centric and survivor-oriented, and abuse, sexual assault, and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. This is a caste protected space and we do not subscribe to casteist beliefs or practices. We recognize our aspiration for our yoga spaces to feel welcoming and warm for anyone who wishes to take practice. We continually contemplate how we can make our yoga spaces braver and more accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, caste, sexual identity, class, age, nationality, immigrant status, disability etc. Our workshop follows braver space guidelines.

Mental Health Disclaimer:
Yoga can be an effective and beneficial tool for reaching a more peaceful state of mind, managing stress better and getting physically well. Our workshops and retreats are designed for people with normal physical and mental conditions. If you are on medication, are currently taking (or have taken) therapy and/or counseling, or have any known mental condition(s) that would in any way hinder your participation in a workshop or retreat, please inform us, as well as your doctor/therapist before registering. We do not provide any specialist therapy or counseling at our workshops/retreats who would be able to help, should the need arise. If a student’s behaviour causes disruption for other workshop participants and the teachers, he or she will be requested to stop participating in the workshop and to seek appropriate help. In such a situation, we do not offer refunds, but are available to provide any documents necessary for insurance claims.


Workshop Fees: (including 23% vat)

Full workshop September 12 – 17 with 5 Mysore mornings, Friday’s Led class and all afternoon sessions 360 €/week

Mysore mornings x 5 + Friday Led class if you want to do only the mornings 240€

You can drop-in for the afternoon classes if you feel so and pay them separately.

Weekend September 15-17 with 2 Mysore mornings and one Led class (Friday) & afternoon sessions 220€

Single classes (Mysore or Led), possible if there will be space in the shala 40 €

Single classes (Afternoon techniques), possible if there will be space in the shala 50€

Single class (Pranayama, meditation, lectures), possible if there will be space in the shala 20€

Single class (Workshop opening and closing), free of charge

Cancellation policy:

In case of cancellation the payment is not refundable after August 28th 2023. Before August 28th, a full refund (minus 20€ for management costs) is given. Please email your bank account number for the refund if needed.

In the case of Covid-19 cancellation (hopefully no more of that) the full payment will be refund without management cost!

Shala / Workshop discounts*

Local Students with a 10 x practice card to Yoga Roots ODX – 50% from the original workshop price 

Local Odeceixe Portuguese citizens – 40%

Portuguese citizens – 30% 

Disabled Practitioners – 30%

BIPOC, Caste-oppressed Practitioners – 15%

LGBTQIA2S+ – 15%

Portuguese Residents – 15%

Students (15 – 30), Parents on leave (up to 18 months) & Retired (65+) – 15%

*When registering, please send us proof of your discount (ie. student or disability card). Otherwise, we use the honor system and invite you to be transparent with us regarding your reason for a discounted tier.

Why discounts?

We believe the practice of yoga can heal the world, both on and off the mat. We have witnessed the wisdom contained within the tradition of yoga for both individual self- transformation and collective, societal progress. In this spirit, we recognize our aspiration for our yoga spaces to feel welcoming and warm for anyone who wishes to take practice. We continually contemplate how we can make our yoga spaces safer, welcome and more accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, caste, sexual identity, class, age, nationality, immigrant status, disability etc.

One way we aspire to live by our yogic ideals is around economic accessibility. Yoga should not be a luxury only for those who can afford it. Yoga must be made accessible, both economically and culturally, for those who most need it. Based on our individual social locations and whether these identities are proximal to, or distant from, power and privilege, we recognise that institutionalized oppression, visible and invisible, recognizable or hidden, affects how some people are seen, heard and valued in society. How some are afforded rest and ease and others are not.

How some can breath with peace.

And how, for others, their breath gets stolen from them, both literally and figuratively.

We wish to balance the scales.

Starting with our circle of influence in our yoga space.

If you identify as more than one on the list above, please choose the tier that is most essential for you to tend to. We recognize that some of you may embody multiple, intersecting identities of marginalization, and would be eligible for multiple discounts. We also acknowledge that there are several more intersections not mentioned that require care and equity. While we aim to extend as much community care out, we must also protect our energy output and ensure our livelihood and needs as a family are also honored.

For those who embody social locations close(r) to societal privilege and power, this is an invitation to be in active solidarity with others who move through society differently than you. We are sensitive to the fact that life is hard for us all. Being human is hard. However, there are many experiences that are facilitated for one based on any number of factors, and having privilege often means that we don’t need to notice the ways structures are set up in our favor. We invite you to pay the full price with a generous spirit. Equity, meaning everyone getting what they need, for those who have enjoyed privilege might sometimes feel like oppression.

In this moment, breathe, slow down and tend to yourself with care and honest accountability.

Fannie Lou Hamer is known to have said, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” We are all needed to get where we need to be, as an inter-species. Let’s start embodying this interdependence and interconnection with one another.

Side by side.

Both on and off the yoga mat.

May all beings get what they need to be well, cared for and tended to.

May our actions bring us one step closer to making it so.


Payment Options:

1. Bank transfer (most recommended)

Account details:

To: Yoga Roots Odeceixe, LDA

Bank: Credito Agricola

NIB: 0045 7021 40370695571 12
IBAN: PT50 0045 7021 4037 0695 5711 2

Message: Odeceixe September 12-17 2023, Your Name and what you are paying..Full program/Only Mornings/Weekend etc.

2. Paying by Cash to Petri or Wambui before the first Yoga class. Please let his know if you choose this option.

3. Low cost international transfer


Message: Odeceixe September 12-17 2023, Your Name and what you are paying..Full program/Only Mornings/Weekend etc.

All questions and information, email praisanen@yahoo.com and/or info@wambuinjuguna.com

Looking forward to seeing you and spend a beautiful weeks in Odeceixe, Portugal

Petri and Wambui


September 16, 2023
September 21, 2023
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